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SMPS Boston October Member Spotlights

SMPS Boston is committed to providing extreme value to our members. Our Member Spotlight Blog serves as a platform to welcome New Members to SMPS Boston and highlight our established members within the A/E/C community. October’s Member Spotlights include Kathy Hunt, Marketing & Business Development Associate for Sasaki and Ziomara Ayala-Mendoza, Marketing Proposal Leader for Howard Stein Hudson.

Member Information:

Name: Kathy Hunt

Company: Sasaki

Title: Marketing & Business Development Associate

Years Involved in SMPS: 3

Committee: Outreach

Why did you decide to join SMPS?

I was excited to join SMPS as an organization that was personal to me as an individual. After returning to a marketing role, I wished to dive into the industry and broaden my circle. No matter what new things I take on at Sasaki, when around my fellow SMPS members I am always reminded that these are the only people who really know what our little world is like. SMPS has many great resources, but its people are the best resource!

What is your favorite part about being a marketer in the A/E/C industry?

Despite the stress-inducing deadlines, I’ve always enjoyed the fast-paced nature of my tasks and being in the thick of the action! And of course the winning. Forming close relationships with firm leadership as well as getting to know many different people throughout the office is very unique to our position. I am able to exercise a great balance of creativity, technical skills, and strategic communication.  

What do you work toward in your free time?

Home projects galore! I’ve been undergoing a full renovation for a year inside and out. While I love home ownership and rolling up my sleeves, my Christmas deadline when my extended family sees my house for the first time is taking all my free time 😉 Some part of me loves this deadline torture!


Member Information:

Name: Ziomara Ayala-Mendoza

Company: Howard Stein Hudson

Title: Marketing Proposal Leader

Years Involved in SMPS: 6

Committee: Outreach

Why did you decide to join SMPS?

I started in the A/E/C industry on the administrative side. I was plucked out of that world by my mentor (the marketing director of the firm I was at) who encouraged me to join SMPS. It’s been over 6 years and I haven’t looked back since!

How has your SMPS membership benefitted your career?

It may seem cliché, but it really is the people. I’ve met some amazing people who ‘get’ what I do. It’s been a great community to get advice on the best BD pitch, exclaim about the short proposal deadlines, and come together for some fun times.

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume alone?

My brain refuses to forget 90’s music lyrics or movie quotes. I’ll hear a phrase and be able to remember “Oh, that’s from that one scene in “PCU” where…” or “That song was number 3 on “The Crow” soundtrack.” It’s all pretty useless and I’m still terrible at trivia.


If you are interested in being featured in an upcoming spotlight or would like to nominate a member, please reach out to Paul Garabedian, SMPS Boston Communications Committee Member, at or Kaytee Casey, SMPS Boston Blog Manager, at


Paul works for ELLANA Construction Consultants as a business development associate. Although still new to the commercial construction industry, Paul grew up on construction sites. His father was a residential general contractor and carpenter and following in his footsteps, Paul took his first job working with his father on construction projects. Paul decided to make a career change and transition into the commercial AEC industry in 2016. Having already met so many amazing people, Paul is looking forward to continuing to learn and grow his knowledge in the industry.

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