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Celebrating New Members and Anniversaries for August 2019

Welcome to our newest SMPS Boston members:

  • Brittany Huber, Marketing Coordinator & Environmental Graphic Designer, Visnick & Caulfield Associates, Inc.
  • Julia Pelkofsky, Administrative/Marketing Coordinator, Visnick & Caulfield
  • Donna VanSchagen, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, SVN International Corp.
  • Amanda Wimble, Director of Marketing, EBI Consulting
  • Sharon Gray, Marketing Coordinator, Schwartz Silver Architects Inc
  • Jenn Robertson, Marketing Assistant, NV5

Happy Anniversary to the following members!

1 year:

  • Jennifer Monroe, Marketing Associate, Resource Options Inc.
  • Ronelle Erickson, Marketing Coordinator, CDR Maguire, Inc.
  • Edith Gregory, President, Edith Gregory Consulting
  • Jessica Cobbs, Marketing Manager, Bowdoin Construction
  • Lara Neubauer, Marketing Coordinator, DREAM Collaborative
  • Molly Romano, Client Services/Marketing Coordinator, Windover
  • Benjamin Fradin, Sales Consultant, TriNet

2 years:

  • Elizabeth Musacchio, CPC, Director of Marketing, ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge
  • Susan Panttila, Marketing Manager, Environments at Work, Inc
  • Erica Jackson, Associate, Marketing Manager, Finegold Alexander Architects
  • Barrie Ferraro, Principal, Corderman & Company, Inc.

4 years: 

  • Kim Lipsy, Marketing Manager, Compass Project Management, Inc.
  • Molly Canfield, Marketing Manager, Wise Construction

6 years:

  • Hilary Nieukirk, CPSM, Marketing Manager, Shawmut Design and Construction
  • Andrew Beaton, Marketing Manager, CDM Smith
  • Shannon Koop, Senior Marketing Researcher, GEI Consultants
  • Kelly Conover, Marketing Manager, Dyer Brown Architects

7 years:

  • Frank Monkiewicz, Photographer, Frank Monkiewicz Photography

8 years:

  • Tom Walsh, LEED AP, Project Manager, Daniel O’Connell’s Sons

12 years:

  • Vanessa Schaefer, President & Creative Director, Clockwork Design Group Inc

13 years:

  • Lynne Damianos, Principal, Damianos Photography & Publishing

15 years:

  • Sarah McGillicuddy, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Acentech, Inc.

16 years:

  • Laura Trahan, Marketing Director, Environmental Partners Group, Inc.

18 years:

  • Kelly Cohane, Corporate Marketing Manager, GEI Consultants Inc.

19 years:

  • Philip Hammond, CPSM, AICP, Director of Graduate Programs, Wentworth Institute of Technology

20 years:

  • Susan Gray, MBA, National Director of Marketing & Work Acquisition, Shawmut Design and Construction

23 years:

  • Kathleen McMahon, VP Marketing & Communications, National Development

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Jessica Harris


Jessica Harris is Business Development Manager at C.E. Floyd Company, as well as a member of both the Membership and Programs committees. She contributes to the SMPS blog by highlighting new members and member anniversaries.

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