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Celebrating New Members and Anniversaries for August 2021

Welcome to our Newest Members!

  • Kate Thompson, Marketing Specialist, VHB
  • Kathie Chainey, COO, Arrowstreet
  • Melanie Tringali, Director, Marketing and Communications, CSI Resources
  • Michael Krieger, President, Prime Marketing Experts

Happy Anniversary to the following members!

1 year:

  • Cynthia Lewis-Oliver, Principal, CDL Consulting, Inc.
  • Fabi Falaise, Marketing Coordinator, Columbia
  • Faye Danis, Marketing Manager, Eclypses
  • Jennifer Tomich, Senior Proposal Manager, Jacobs
  • Will Ragano, Marketing Manager/Graphic Designer, Johnson Roberts Associates

2 years:

  • Jenn Robertson, Marketing Coordinator, Sasaki
  • Julia Pelkofsky, Administrative/Marketing Coordinator, Visnick & Caulfield

3 years:

  • Jennifer Monroe, Marketing Manager, Resource Options Inc.
  • Molly Romano, Senior Marketing Coordinator, Windover

4 years:

  • Barrie Ferraro, Principal, Corderman & Company, Inc.
  • Elizabeth Musacchio, Director of Marketing, ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge
  • Susan Panttila, Marketing Manager, Environments at Work, Inc.

8 years:

  • Andrew Beaton, Marketing Manager, CDM Smith
  • Hilary Nieukirk, Marketing Manager, Shawmut Design and Construction
  • Jenelle Pierce, Marketing Director, Dawood Engineering, Inc.
  • Shannon Koop, Senior Market Researcher, GEI Consultants Inc.

9 years:

  • Frank Monkiewicz, Photographer, Frank Monkiewicz Photography

13 years:

  • Linda McDonough, Senior Vice President, McCall & Almy

14 years:

  • Vanessa Schaefer, President & Creative Director, Clockwork Design Group Inc.

18 years:

  • Laura Trahan, Marketing Director, Environmental Partners

22 years:

  • Susan Gray, Senior Director – Marketing and Client Acquisition, Shawmut Design and Construction


Melissa is the National Energy Sector Marketing Lead at GEI Consultants, Inc. Within the energy sector, she is responsible for supporting strategic marketing and business development efforts; enhancing GEI’s brand and market positioning; managing key accounts and lead generation; and developing proposals, qualifications, and other marketing collateral.

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