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Celebrating New Members and Anniversaries for July 2021

Welcome to our newest members!

  • Lauren Martin, Senior Marketing Coordinator, SMMA
  • Jennifer Haugh, Director of Marketing, GreenerU, Inc.
  • Alexandra Comiskey, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Wise Construction

Happy Anniversary to the following members!

1 year:

  • Leigh Walker, Marketing Manager, Gorman Richardson Lewis Architects

2 years:

  • Britany Partridge, Marketing/Graphics Coordinator, HMMH
  • Kelly Stinnett, Marketing Assistant, Arup
  • Emily Monteforte, Marketing Coordinator, Green International Affiliates
  • Katya Kovbasa, Project Manager, Hereva Consultants
  • Meghan Callahan, Marketing Manager, Helical Drilling

3 years:

  • Katherine Murphy, Director of Marketing, Goody Clancy

4 years:

  • Amanda Conti, Business Development Administrative Assistant, Columbia Construction Company

7 years:

  • Sarah Gusky Kemer, Marketing Specialist, Stantec

16 years:

  • Karen Wilson, Marketing Manager

35 years:

  • Michael Reilly, FSMPS, Principal, Reilly Communications

41 years:

  • Susan Daylor, FSMPS, Principal, Mariposa Consulting


Melissa is the National Energy Sector Marketing Lead at GEI Consultants, Inc. Within the energy sector, she is responsible for supporting strategic marketing and business development efforts; enhancing GEI’s brand and market positioning; managing key accounts and lead generation; and developing proposals, qualifications, and other marketing collateral.

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