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Member Spotlight: Michael Sweeney, CPSM, Principal at Design-product Systems

Coming from the perspective of a marketer’s marketer, Mike Sweeney brings a refreshing outlook to the A/E/C industry. Mike, who is a CPSM and the Principal of Design-product Systems, supports businesses and individuals in need of new or updated materials and information systems. A frequent SMPS event attendee since 2011, Mike officially joined the chapter in 2013 and soon after began the CPSM certification process. Mike spoke highly about the collaborative study atmosphere in the SMPS CPSM group and the chance to discuss day-to-day business practices with fellow CPSM hopefuls.

What do you enjoy most about SMPS?

The networking atmosphere is warm and accepting. At SMPS, people more readily recognize how good content and systems work together to better serve them. I think that’s because many have been around for a while, and aren’t trying to prove that they can do everything themselves.

What are your primary career goals now, and how do you hope SMPS can help you reach them?

I hope to work on more great projects, be a more well-rounded marketer, and build my personal brand. Mike Reilly once pointed out that marketing teams need to become more knowledgeable and technically self-sufficient so that they can partner better with their firms’ IT staff or service providers. It’s an on-point observation that truly aligns with my goals to collaborate with and connect support services like these at a senior level.

What’s your motto in life?

“Specific problems we face today cannot be solved at the level of thinking that created them.” – Albert Einstein

What characteristic do you value the most in your coworkers?

If they share my sense of humor, that’s wonderful, but just being willing to listen to me vent when I get stuck. Also a good memory, since so much of the reason for why we work the way we do can be traced back to decisions made at times when certain knowledge was not available or assumptions were different.

What’s your favorite material object that you already own?

I have the plaque that my grandfather received when he retired from the factory where he had been an estimator (what we now call a project manager) for some twenty years. His factory made the first diesel-electric locomotives. I used to admire it when I visited him as a kid.


Jennifer Cheek is a marketing coordinator at Arup and member of the Communications Committee. Using the skills earned in her previous life as a student of Ancient Near Eastern language and literature, Jennifer works to translate technical engineering text into value stories for marketing collateral and proposals.

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