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Presidential Thoughts: Closing Thoughts

Elevate Logo FINAL_RGB-01It is with amazement that I find this year as your chapter president drawing to a close. I hope that each of you has had a chance to push and elevate yourself personally and professionally in whatever way best defines you.

I kicked off the awards gala in June with this brief video that shows how much we still have to do as a chapter and an organization to be recognized as the premier A/E/C educational and networking organization. I also touched on some of the highlights from this past year that show how we are working towards these goals. I wanted to briefly share these with you here.

10. Goal Setting
This year, we focused on raising awareness, providing education, strengthening membership, and building infrastructure. The theme for this year has been Elevate. This goal setting and clear theme have ensured we stay focused on providing top tier content.

9. Staying Relevant / New Technologies
We’ve made small changes that make for an easier and more seamless experience for all of you, as well as make it easier for all the volunteers, giving us time to focus our efforts on more important matters.

8. Update and Vote in Chapter Bylaws
Our bylaws, which govern how the chapter runs, had not been updated in 17 years! We knew it was long overdue for an update. We had 76 people vote during our holiday party in January and with this vote, we were successfully able to apply the new bylaws.

7. National Awards Program
SMPS runs several chapter level awards. The Striving For Excellence, or SFE Award, recognizes the chapter in each size category that significantly advances and enhances professional services marketing and business development. This year at Build Business we were thrilled to be recognized as the Extra Large Chapter of the Year for the 2016-2017 program year.

6. CPSM Week
Each year national designates one week to recognize and elevate the CPSM program. This year the CPSM committee submitted to the Video Recruitment Contest. Our video, “Up Your Game!” won for the best video by an extra-large chapter. You can watch the video here, if you haven’t seen it already.

5. Supporting Charities
This year marked 10 years of our partnership with Big Brother/Big Sister. To recognize this longstanding partnership, we donated $1,000 towards their mission and collected items for their clothing drive. Collectively, the participants in the challenge donated 8,485 pounds of clothes – a truckload!

4. Education and Client-Focused Events
The board, committees, and volunteers of the chapter have put on over 50 events since the start of the program year in September. Collectively, these events have had hundreds of participants. I hope you have attended several events this program year and are truly finding value in SMPS and your membership.

3. Membership Growth
We continue to remain one of the largest SMPS chapters and strive to make the value of your membership apparent. We offer member-only events and pricing, and member-only benefits like the mentorship program.

2. Scholarships
SMPS Boston looks to support our members in pursuit of elevating their career. One way we do this is by offering scholarships to attend the regional and national conferences, or to take the CPSM exam. These scholarships are open to all members.

And the number one way we’ve worked to elevate the chapter this year is by…

1. Listening to our Members
As an organization run by and for our members, we strive to make sure that we are providing the programming and events that are most relevant to all of you. One way we do this is by soliciting your feedback both through events and annual surveys, and through our annual Town Hall meeting of volunteers. We use this feedback to inspire new programming and events.

I encourage each of you to continue to learn and grow. To become involved in SMPS and other industry organizations. To look at your colleagues and peers for inspiration. To seek outside mentors to further challenge you. And to recognize that you must try new things before you can expect to grow, change or improve.

I’m excited to see the direction the chapter continues to take this coming year, with many fresh new board members and a new strategic plan.


Pia Cardinali, CPSM, is the president of SMPS Boston for the 2017-2018 program year. She is the marketing manager at CRJA-IBI Group, a landscape architecture firm in Boston with offices in Knoxville and Beijing.

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