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Presidential Thoughts – Exit Stage Left

It was a unique year to say the least. As every past president will attest – the year flew by, and I am suddenly looking back over our accomplishments with mixed emotions.

I don’t mind sharing that I am disappointed in not having had the opportunity to hold and attend one live event. In fact, our summer social will be the first time I get to wear my name badge with the coveted “President” ribbon attached. (Yes, I plan on saving it!)

As a board, we were vulnerable. We were unexpectedly tasked to “pivot” and deliver a year of programs and benefits seamlessly. We were challenged with building and maintaining relationships through a computer screen, and we were counted on to continue to make the business case for our membership by being courageous and embracing that vulnerability.

I am proud as hell of the 2020/2021 team. The board and committee members “leaned into the discomfort of the work” (Brené Brown) with incomparable optimism and creativity. We had no guarantees that we would see success, yet each volunteer remained steadfast in their commitments. We continued to deliver the highest quality of educational, informational, and fun networking sessions that our members have come to expect. and thanks to the great support of you, our valued members, we received solid attendance all year long!

I am more confident than ever that my SMPS experience has helped me grow (you’re never too old) and push myself out of my comfort zone to attain goals I never would have previously imagined. Thank you to AGC MA for their support and to so many industry colleagues and friends for their encouragement.

This is not my final exit by any means – just a bow. I am excited for the immediate future and the return of our SMPS world as we knew it—so many great things will continue to happen. I just now get to proudly wear the badge “Immediate Past President”. I am in great company.


For the past 5 years, Lisa’s role as Director of Business Development and Marketing at AGC MA has been to increase AGC’s engagement and relevance with member CM’s, GC’s, Subcontractors, and Service Providers by implementing and overseeing innovating new communications and social media strategies & tools. She oversees public relations for and marketing of all Chapter news, and develops and implement educational and informational events, programs and activities through the chapter committees. Lisa is currently serving as President of SMPS Boston and has a BA in International Marketing from the University of Phoenix and and MS in Business and International Marketing from Boston University.

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