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Presidential Thoughts: Let’s Gather

My commitment to step into the role of Boston Chapter President was determined prior to any of us having a clue to what 2020 would bring. Little did we know that we would be navigating our year through social and political unrest that would sever ties with family and friends, or experiencing economic blows that have seen (and will sadly see) the closing of many iconic local retail and food and entertainment providers, along with trying to maintain our health and well-being around a global pandemic that has left more than 300,00 (and counting) families in the U.S mourning for their loved ones.

As we face the new year with the promise of the vaccine on the horizon, I would like to honor the many losses we have each suffered, but also take this moment to appreciate what the near future will return to us. Our health, our friends, and our families will once again be restored. Hugs and handshakes might take a while longer, but it will be more than enough to finally gather, share stories and laugh person to person, not screen to screen.

The value of SMPS has always been its people. Your 2020/2021 Board of Directors and Committees have stayed the course in delivering that value, albeit somewhat differently this year. I hope you will help me in thanking them for their commitment, despite the craziness of 2020.

Wishing you a healthy, happy holiday season. We cannot wait to gather with you all soon!


For the past 5 years, Lisa’s role as Director of Business Development and Marketing at AGC MA has been to increase AGC’s engagement and relevance with member CM’s, GC’s, Subcontractors, and Service Providers by implementing and overseeing innovating new communications and social media strategies & tools. She oversees public relations for and marketing of all Chapter news, and develops and implement educational and informational events, programs and activities through the chapter committees. Lisa is currently serving as President of SMPS Boston and has a BA in International Marketing from the University of Phoenix and and MS in Business and International Marketing from Boston University.

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