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Presidential Thoughts: Welcome to the new Program Year, Let’s Shake Things Up!

It may be a normal Saturday for you – relishing in the three-day weekend, getting excited about Labor Day parties and if you’re a parent, there might be a sigh of relief that your child(ren) are headed back to school. Today is not a normal day for me. It’s my first day as your SMPS Boston Chapter President. A sentence that I never dreamed would leave my lips, but one that I am honored and proud to say today.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of this amazing organization. SMPS has a new vision Business Transformed through Marketing Leadership and there’s a new brand rolling out.


Through the dedicated work of our previous Chapter leaders and volunteers, we are in an amazingly strong position. We are giving back to our members with conference scholarships, paying CPSM certification fees for members that need a little help, and offering a mix of member-only free events throughout the year.

However, there’s disruption happening all around us and I know we (as in you too) can do better. That’s why the theme for the 2018/19 program year is SHAKE THINGS UP!

Shake things up v3

I challenge you to look at what you are doing through a different lens. Is there something you can do differently? Have you been trudging along doing the same approach with the same outcomes for far too long? If so, do it a little differently next time, or a lot differently. You don’t have to throw out the things that are working well, but SHAKE THINGS UP if something is working so-so. Share your stories and let’s see how together we can elevate marketing and reach that vision of Business Transformed through Marketing Leadership.

Along with the start of the new program year, I’m thrilled to say that SMPS Boston has a new strategic plan to take us from 2018 to 2021. This summer your new board of directors and other chapter leaders came together to develop a plan that helps our chapter advance SMPS’ vision and continue to grow opportunities for our members to help their firms win more business.

The overarching objectives of the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan are:

Objective 1: Grow the Numbers

SMPS Boston is one of the strongest chapters nation-wide, as evidenced by our two recent Striving for Excellence Awards. We want to continue to grow our chapter, grow the number of marketers obtaining CPSM credentialing, and help our members grow in their careers and become eligible to become Society Fellows.

Objective 2: Increase Member Value

We want to make sure our newest members are getting the mentoring they need to succeed in their careers. We’ll be taking a look at our current mentorship program and thinking about how we can make it even better. We’ll also be looking at how we can deliver more value through original content, sharing research from the SMPS Foundation and providing our members with meaningful Chapter volunteer opportunities.

Objective 3: Cultivate Leaders

We are committed to reaching our vision of Business Transformed through Marketing Leadership and know that to do this we need to take a longer look at how SMPS is helping our members grow into leaders, from an entry-level marketer to Chief Marketing Officers. We are also committed to providing programming and educational opportunities that provide value to our firm leaders, inspiring our members to lean in and lead their firms to achieve higher growth.

Welcome to the 2018/19 Program Year and together, Let’s SHAKE THINGS UP!


Special thanks to SMPS Boston member, Sarah Hiers of Donnegan Systems, Inc. who designed this year’s theme logo.


Valerie Puchades, CPSM served as SMPS Boston Chapter President for the 2018/2019 program year and is Director of Marketing at GUND Partnership.

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