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Publicity: How to Brand Your Company and/or Yourself

Publicity is almost synonymous with building your brand –  the company’s brand or even your own personal/ professional “brand”.  The old cliché states that there is no such thing as “bad” publicity; I’m not sure I agree with that adage. Especially in the days of social media and 24-hour news cycles, bad press or bad publicity can wreck a company fairly quickly- even a Fortune 500 firm.

Developing organic good/positive publicity is critical to any business development professional. There are several means of achieving this goal, but the one I will review within is regarding contributing content/ expert analysis to news stories and publications.

There is no shortage of websites and other publications which mandate significant and ongoing professional content. These publishers have on-staff writers or they often use freelance writers to produce articles on different topics. Most of the time these writers have no inherent understanding or expertise in said topic, so they are constantly reaching out to industry experts and sources to quote and to answer questions. Being quoted in a magazine or website, with your name and firm name, can be a great marketing tool.

First, you just never know who might see and read the story/article.  Your next $1 million contract could come from a chance reading of said article.

But more than that, you and your firm can then use/ hyperlink the article within your own web page, LinkedIn page, and other company marketing materials. Everyone in a field is assumed to be an “expert”, but if a 3rd party is choosing you and quoting you because you are an expert in their minds- that is much more powerful.

I have been aware of and used one great resource/ aggregator in this realm for several years.  If I wanted to, and had the time, I could likely be quoted and used within some article or story nearly every week.  The following are some actual “expert” requests for news articles that may be relevant to members of the SMPS:

  • Interior designing as a career
  • Architecturally Stunning Botanical Gardens
  • Employee engagement strategies to boost health and wellness in the office setting & prevent sickness
  • Need experts to weigh in on how technology improves workplace productivity/efficiency
  • Government Construction Messaging 
  • The pros and cons of buying used office furniture 
  • Marketing & Sales Experts in the Field Services Industries (Plumbing/HVAC) 
  • How enterprise companies are using flexible office space
  • Why should buyers or sellers opt to get a structural inspection?
  • How Business Owners “Go Green” and stay environmentally Friendly
  • Museums as co-working spaces/incubators 
  • How to design a comfortable waiting room?
  • What strategy should enterprise leaders adopt to build digital workplaces?

This is a great, and free, way of getting your name “out there”, and standing out in the industry compared to other competitors.

(As a good sales professional, I have to force you to read this entire article before giving you the name and information you will need to take part in this outreach program.)

Everyday, this company will send you 3 new requests for expertise, one in morning, one for afternoon, and one at night. There is so much content that needs to be written and published; the demand is there.  All you need to do is register, and give some basic information about yourself, and then you will get a complete listing with contact information everyday.

Sign up at:

Happy Hunting, and good luck !


Ken is a Director of Industry Development and Technical Services at the International Masonry Institute. Some of his writings have been featured in ARCHITECT magazine,, and for U.S. Building News. He can be reached at

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