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Past Presidential Thoughts: An Accelerator to Your Success

SMPS Boston is celebrating our 35th anniversary in 2016-2017, so we’ve invited a slew of past presidents to reflect on their experiences with the chapter. This edition comes from Ed Bond Jr., CEO of BOND Construction, Inc. and SMPS Boston president for the 1991-1992 program year.

SMPS has helped in creating a long list of firsts for me. Back in 1984 when I joined SMPS Boston, marketing was like trying to explain how a centipede gets each leg to move in concert with the many others – very delicately.  In some cases, it is still a challenge to get all parties on board regarding how marketing really works. However, let me assure you, when it does it’s a big accelerator to your success.

My experiences with SMPS took me on a career journey that has lasted a lifetime and offered many great returns. As I mentioned, it provided me a number of firsts: first elected non-profit board position, first local campaign which then rolled into a national campaign, first real speaking circuit of events, first involvement in promoting certification on a national basis, first governance and parliamentary decorum, but most importantly; first of many life-long friends and colleagues.

As a business owner, I can reflect back on many of the skills I learned from others within SMPS, and how those lessons have helped me in the work I do today. There is a strong parallel between what we learn on the outside (SMPS) to bring inside (our firms). It not only holds true for the skills and abilities, but it also holds true for the demeanor and nature in which we build our firms.

One of the early charges I had coming into a 77-year-old firm was keeping its culture and mantra of “take care to protect the reputation of the firm and our clients.” This was somewhat of a daunting challenge to control and measure, but not impossible when you have the strong support of many SMPS professionals. With assistance and advice from my SMPS peers, I was able to make clearer decisions about what the true value of our firm was for our clients and our BOND team. SMPS can play many roles in your professional life as you grow and develop. SMPS professionals have a vast level of knowledge and insight that comes from years of experience – a testament to our profession.

SMPS has provided me a strong foundation from which to grow and learn over the years. Just as we have GPS systems that can re-route as we change direction, SMPS offers a host of options that can help with the many aspects of marketing that we address each day.  The professionals and professionalism of SMPS are what make it unique and special. I am thankful for my SMPS association, and I congratulate everyone on its 35 years of success presently and moving forward.


Edward A. Bond, Jr. is CEO of BOND Construction, Inc. As the fourth generation of family managing BOND, Ed has over 30 years’ experience in the construction management industry and is a highly-respected leader. Under his vision and leadership, BOND has become one of the premier full-service construction management and general contracting firms in the Northeast.

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