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Past Presidential Thoughts: Celebrate Like Only You Can!

SMPS Boston is celebrating our 35th anniversary in 2016-2017, so we’ve invited a slew of past presidents to reflect on their experiences with the chapter. Leading us off is Matt Hawk, Stantec marketing all-star and SMPS Boston president for the 2010-2011 program year.

The great thing about anniversaries is they remind us of how we got here. Sometimes that is as important as where we are going. The people guiding SMPS Boston now were just members once attending events. Then something happened, and they were moved to do something. They joined a committee. They became committee chairs. They became board members. The chapter is celebrating 35 years for a very significant reason: the members believe in the value the organization provides, and just as important, their firms believe in that value.

The industry we serve has come a long way in terms of sales and marketing sophistication. SMPS is responsible for that. The expectations of the companies I have worked for have remained the same: be serious about creating a better built environment. They are servants to the built environment, and their support of my SMPS membership allows me to do this and serve them better. This industry changes, sometimes drastically, with each political and economic cycle, but their desire to create a better built environment never waivers. SMPS helps me understand this by building my knowledge base and network.

We were all marketing coordinators once, and one day that changes even while the title may remain. SMPS takes marketing coordinators and makes them more. I serve this industry, and 35 years ago a group of people got together to discuss how I can do just that. I have to thank them for their commitment. I must also thank the current board of directors, committees and members for their leadership and thoughtfulness to build upon this legacy in new ways. The crew leading the Boston chapter of SMPS are taking us higher and farther. Congratulations and thank you to the members of SMPS Boston. Celebrate like only you can.

Matt Hawk


Matt Hawk is a past president of SMPS Boston and the Proposal Manager, Northeast for Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.

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