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Past Presidential Thoughts: The Magic Recipe of SMPS Boston

SMPS Boston is celebrating our 35th anniversary in 2016-2017, so we’ve invited a slew of past presidents to reflect on their experiences with the chapter. This edition comes from Ben Sawa, Director of Marketing at GEI Consultants, and SMPS Boston president for the 2014-2015 program year.

I’ve enjoyed reading the articles from other Past Presidents celebrating and thanking SMPS Boston on its 35th birthday. It’s been particularly interesting to hear how others have reflected back on an organization that they have given so much to.

As I’ve read through each article, I’ve been struck by two things:

1.      The tremendous personal and professional value that was created by getting involved

2.      How thankful each author was to have been part of such a great organization

As I wrote in my last post as President in 2015: “Service is the starting point for success.” My belief in this simple mantra has only strengthened over the years. To me, SMPS Boston represents the ultimate interconnection of learning, friendship and helping others succeed – and it’s this magic recipe of professional and personal fulfillment and development that makes us all so thankful to have been part of it.

So if you’re a new member or maybe you haven’t yet had the chance to get involved: now’s your chance. My guess is that you might come to the same conclusion that we’ve known for years: SMPS Boston truly is a special organization.


Benjamin Sawa is the Director of Marketing at GEI Consultants. He served as President of SMPS Boston in 2014-2015.

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