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The ‘CARE’ Factor: Getting the Most out of Your SMPS Sponsorship

Every fall SMPS Boston reaches out within the A/E/C community for support through corporate and event sponsorship opportunities. The acting VP (this year, that’s me) sends a pretty standard email with general information and an attached flyer on the measurable benefits of continuing or becoming an SMPS Boston corporate or event sponsor. Thirty-five events, multiple scholarships, a broad range of visibility and more can be yours when you sign up.

If you Google the benefits of sponsorship you will get a list that includes brand awareness, lead generation, targeted marketing and ROI. But what isn’t listed is what I call the ‘CARE’ factor. While sponsorships don’t directly promote your products like an advertisement, they are supporting specific events and industry advancement efforts that your customers CARE about. If customers feel you support the same things they do, they are more likely to have a positive attitude toward your company. The customer also sees your sponsorship as a goodwill effort in contributing to the industry, further creating positive associations and increasing credibility.

In fact, according to a recent study, “72% of consumers positively view brands that support quality experiences and 74% of respondents admit that engaging with brands that create memorable moments makes them much more likely to buy their services or products.”

So is it as easy as just signing a check, mailing in your logo then waiting for the business to come rolling in? Not quite.

Here are a few best practices on demonstrating you CARE:

Show Up: SMPS programs attract thousands of potential connections for you and your organization along with the opportunity to share your company message. By attending in person, you are substantiating your commitment. In return, you get direct face time with prospects and the chance to be knowledgeable and helpful while putting a friendly face to your business.

Give Back: The SMPS Gold & Silver Sponsor packages offer an opportunity to promote your company via an educational Blog post. This is a great platform to share your knowledge and position yourself as an industry thought leader.

Build Appreciation: Verbal recognition and logo placement at most chapter events through-out the year guarantees repeated exposure for your firm. Capitalize by posting on social media and tagging the presenters and attendees in the room-they will thank you for it!

By linking your business to SMPS Boston you are not only building brand recognition but sharing your commitment to support and celebrate the A/E/C industry here in Massachusetts–the ROI is exponential! Whether you choose to be one of our annual corporate sponsors or a sponsor of an individual event, we are confident that our options for sponsorship packages can provide your firm the visibility you need to show that you CARE.

Click here to purchase a sponsorship, or for more information on how you can become an SMPS sponsor please contact Lisa Frisbie at


For the past 5 years, Lisa’s role as Director of Business Development and Marketing at AGC MA has been to increase AGC’s engagement and relevance with member CM’s, GC’s, Subcontractors, and Service Providers by implementing and overseeing innovating new communications and social media strategies & tools. She oversees public relations for and marketing of all Chapter news, and develops and implement educational and informational events, programs and activities through the chapter committees. Lisa is currently serving as President of SMPS Boston and has a BA in International Marketing from the University of Phoenix and and MS in Business and International Marketing from Boston University.

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