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10 Years of Big Brother Big Sister Foundation Partnership with SMPS Boston

post by Joe Barry, Director of Business Development, M+W Group.

Hopefully by now you’ve rummaged through your closets, drawers, and old shoe boxes pulling out your old jeans, or maybe those shirts you received for a birthday that didn’t fit right or just didn’t align with what you feel is yourstyle, or even the shoes that have since been replaced by a new, scuff-free pair.  If not, the days following Santa’s visit, when you’re home from work trying to find room to keep all those new threads, maybe then is a good time to gather all those items, throw them in a bag or box and set them aside.  There are plenty of people who could use those items or the revenue created by them to help them keep moving forward.

 This year, SMPS Boston and Big Brother Big Sister Foundation (BBBSF) are celebrating 10 years of partnering to turn new and used clothing into someone else’s treasure.  For the last several years we’ve invited members and guests to bring clothing donations to the annual holiday event and we’ve collected a car load of donated clothing each year!  But as someone who participated each and every year, it wasn’t the easiest thing to do… to trek a 60 lbs contractor’s bag of clothing from my home, to work, then from a parking spot blocks away, ALWAYS through snow or rain, to the event.  It was definitely worth it, but each year it may take a bit more convincing to have the members continue to carry those bags.  I always felt that we could fill the box truck full of cloths, and then hopefully two trucks to following year, and so on.  Well, this is the year.

 SMPS and BBBSF coordinated efforts and have presented us with a good ol’ fashion competition.  In return for our donations they will make our walk to the event a bit easier this year.  Participating firms have been requesting their employees to bring their donations to office and BBBSF will pick up any amount, as many times as needed.  They will total the weight each firm has donated and we will announce the winners at the holiday party.

 I’m confident we could easily triple our usual donation; but I want to go far beyond that.  The clothing we collect gets converted into cash and BBBSF distributes the proceeds to mentoring programs supporting more than 16,000 adults and children in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

 BBBSF’s placement agencies help fund an average of 3,500 matches per year of at-risk children with professionally supported mentors.

  • BBBSF donates coats, backpacks and school supplies to school-aged children in underserved communities.
  • BBBSF completes 350,000 pickups at homes annually and processes 10.4 million pounds of cloth and 4.5 million pounds of household items.

In short, for every dollar BBBSF spends, $1.34 is returned to the community.  It’s an amazing organization, and I’m proud as a member of SMPS to see this partnership in its 10th year.  I can only hope you will be a part of this challenge by registering your firm as a competitor, encouraging your coworkers and family to participate and organizing a pick-up at your office.

 Happy Holiday… NOW GET PACKING!

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