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Calling All Enthusiastic but Hesitant-to-Commit Committee Members…

Let me guess…you’ve heard that joining an SMPS committee is the best way to get involved, but aren’t sure you can squeeze it into your already chock-full schedule?

Many of your fellow AEC marketers have pondered this very predicament, and you’ll be happy to know, you 100% can do it. It’s a lot to juggle, but you are in good company. We want you to get involved and get the most out of your SMPS membership – whether you can commit five minutes or five hours a week to volunteer efforts.

And now for the shameless plug to join the Outreach Committee…


Outreach recently went through a “rebranding” effort. We now have a clearly defined mission and we’re excited to grow and expand. Here’s what you could be a part of:

  • Peer Organization Partnerships: Develop programs and help arrange co-sponsorship opportunities and networking events for our members and peer organizations to work together and expand member benefits beyond the chapter.
  • Outreach to the AEC Industry: Build partnerships that get our members in front of AEC decision makers and position SMPS and AEC marketers as resources throughout the industry.
  • Maximize Benefits of ABX: Manage SMPS’ participation in ABX each year by coordinating speaker programs that are of interest to our membership and member firms, and running the SMPS booth at the conference.

In short, we are the liaison between SMPS and other industry organizations. This could range from volunteering for a couple of hours at ABX, to developing panel discussions and workshops with various industry organizations, to planning networking events with groups like NAIOP, CoreNet, and BSA.

The first step in our success is to build up our committee with lots of smart marketers whose ideas and creativity will help us develop programs that benefit the whole SMPS membership.

So why should you join?

  • Business Development Opportunity: While most SMPS committees give you exposure within SMPS (and ours certainly does this!), Outreach is unique in that we also engage with other industry groups. If you’re interested in honing your business development skills, building your brand, and expanding your network – this is the committee for you!
  • Your Timing is Great: We have lots of exciting programming in mind for the upcoming year, and we need to grow as a committee to make it happen! If you’re looking for a place to really add value to the SMPS community, joining Outreach is a great choice.
  • We’re Flexible: Can’t make it to a meeting? Call in. Only want to volunteer for ABX? Cool, that’s fine with us. Really not sure what you can commit to? We’re happy to help you assess the best way to get involved without overextending yourself.

Interested? Email me at to learn more. You’re welcome to join us for our next committee meeting to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Elizabeth Musacchio


Elizabeth Musacchio, CPC is the Director of Marketing for ARC/ Architectural Resources Cambridge, a Boston-based architecture and interior design firm, and the Chair for SMPS-Boston’s Outreach Committee. She has over a decade of industry experience including positions in architecture, engineering, and construction management firms. Beth is also a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, specializing in presentation skills, effective communication, and leadership development.

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