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Favorite Five: Positive Flow

The Impact of President Trump’s Tax Plan on the Real Estate Market by Boston Property Ventures

As we wait with bated breath to see how President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will affect the real estate market across the country, BPV analyzes the proposed plan and what it means for our industry here in Boston.

How Focusing on the Customer (Not the Competition) Brought Us +1 Million Signups by Aytekin Tank

In this article, written by the founder of Jot Form, Tank shows us the results his company saw after reevaluating their product style vs their competitors. So often we assume we know what our customers, which leads to us imitating the competition. By utilizing hard data, even when it is hard to swallow, we end up with a product that serves the customer better.

7 Toxic Thoughts You Need to Stop Now (If You Want to Succeed) by Lolly Daskal

It’s only the second month in the new year, but in case you’ve already forgotten: Negativity has no place in 2018! So let the positivity flow and while you’re at it, cut these seven negative thoughts from your repertoire.

Measuring Digital Video Effectiveness is a Minefield for Brands by Stephen Upstone

Spending on digital video is steadily rising in the US and will continue to be used as a medium of promotion for marketers in 2018. Measuring digital metrics should be focused on whether or not the video accomplished the goals set out at the beginning of the campaign. “If it’s a video promoting soap, did the viewer go out and buy that soap? If it’s a video aiming to make the viewer feel excited about a brand, did it leave them feeling that way?”

How to Read 52 Books a Year by Eddie Shleyner

“The best way to develop your vocabulary is by reading. The best way to process and internalize information is by reading it. The best way to become a more versatile writer — capable of adapting your voice and style to meet the worldview of any audience — is by reading other writers.”

Kaytee Casey


Kaytee Casey is a Marketing Communications Coordinator who enjoys reading the classics, taking graphic design classes, and exploring the beautiful city of Boston. Every month, she compiles her favorite five links from the last 30 days in a series we call, very creatively, Favorite Five!

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