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Spring Update on Your Social Life

“Voice from the Trenches” is written by Karen Euler, director of marketing at TRO Jung|Brannen. Earlier this month, she presented on Inbound Marketing for the Boston chapter of National Women in Construction (NAWIC), along with Erin Carlon of ideaworks and Allison Scott of Skanska. Karen always enjoys conversing with readers via Twitter [@karen_e] or LinkedIn.

All winter you have made time for posting to Facebook and Twitter. You know that you have to be strategic, connecting business goals to social media while managing the flow of content – stories, photo essays and Twitter link-posts – and conveying your findings to those responsible for business development or sales.

It is springtime now, so thoughts wander to sailboats, beaches and cutting out early for dockside drinks. While you are twirling an umbrella in your glass, is your online social life withering? Here are four easy and quick social media tactics you can do to adjust the sails, change tack if necessary and get a nice gust of wind at your back.

  1. Business Development Coaching. At our office, we recently gathered all of the summary sections of senior staff resumes to look at them collectively. Our group is working with each principal and senior associate to update these pieces for two purposes: resume updates and polishing up LinkedIn profiles. It made for a great opportunity to converse with a few rainmakers about improving their LinkedIn usage.
  2. Photo Album Touchup. I am still set up as an Admin so I recently got an alert about the Facebook site of my former firm, Carol R. Johnson Associates (CRJA). I forwarded it to the current CRJA team. It did not take them long to update to the new Timeline layout. What a lovely header image they have! They are up to 160-plus likes, which is a healthy start. (Go ahead and like their page, they put out some great content.)
  3. Media Outreach. This week TROJB became a mutual Twitter follower with a key editor at a targeted healthcare publication. Now we can get to know her beat and position our stories even better than before.
  4. Accelerating the Editorial Calendar. According to Hubspot’s latest research, if a firm like TROJB blogs once a month, we have a 56% chance of acquiring at least one customer through our blog. If we raise the bar to twice-weekly posts, that figure will rise to 70%. Admission of an embarrassment of riches: I currently have two blog posts written by designers on my desk for editing. Perhaps it is time for us to move from a monthly-ish schedule at IPD Lab Log  to a weekly-ish. Is it that time for your firm’s blog, too?

Isn’t it nice to do as much heavy lifting as we can now so that as spring unfolds into summer, we can focus on donning our visors and getting to the BBQ on time? I am confident I can check Twitter efficiently from a sailboat.

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