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5 ways to reset in five minutes

Are you in the middle of a deadline…or multiple deadlines…and feel like your brain has stopped working, your eyes are seeing stars?

Maybe it is time to take a quick five-minute break. Below are five tips to try when you need to reset.


BE STILL or MEDITATE | Notice how your body feels. Begin seated or standing.

  • Feel your base | Your feet, the ball of the foot, heel of the foot and toes rooting down and pressing into the ground under you.
  • Move up | Notice how do your lower legs, your knees, upper leg feel. Feel the muscles wrapping around the bones.
  • Center | Feel your pelvis in the front and back of your body. Notice the muscles of your core and low back.
  • Move up | Notice the space in your chest, heart, back, shoulders.
  • Move out | Feel your upper arms, elbows, lower arms, wrist, palms, fingers.
  • Extend | Feel length in the neck, notice how you feel in your face and up through the crown of your head. Breathe into this space – extend – lift – expand.

WALK | Get up, away from your desk and go for a walk! Go outside and move, even if it is just around the block. Observe what is around you, sounds, sights and smells. Notice the shapes, the colors, the light. If the weather is gross take a walk around your office. If there are multiple floors take the stairs, go the longer route.

lemon water

REPLENISH | Have something to drink and not while you are doing something else. Take 5 minutes to have a cup of tea, water with lemon (cure-all). Just simply enjoy your beverage and take a few moments doing nothing else.

BREATHE | Often when we are stressed we hold our breath, limiting the oxygen to our brain. Taking some deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth can help you expel negative emotions and feelings. One of my favorite breathing techniques is alternate nostril breathing. This breathing technique works both the left and right side of your brain to help create balance in your mind. You can follow instruction or a video here:


STRETCH | Finding some movement, even at your desk can help you reset. A simple forward fold or twist in both directions in a great choice. There are tons of stretches you can do seated. Pick one or try all of these.



Jessica Faith Guyer has been a certified yoga instructor for over 7 years and a marketer for the past 4. She has always had a passion for wellness, as a teen she loved fitness classes and even wrote her college essay about how soybeans shifted her habits. She loves continuing to learn and has completed trainings in hip hop yoga, yin yoga, eight limbs of yoga, barre and recently a spirit junkie masterclass. She teaches public and private yoga classes in the greater Boston area. She wants to spread her joy and passion to help improve your life, making you a healthier, happier human :) | Photo credit: Studio RLR

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