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Tips for staying healthy during the Holidays

This time of the year is filled with celebrations, gathering and indulgences. It seems as the parties pile up, so do the sweets. Cookies, cupcakes and chocolates magically appear day after day in the office and at parties.

I find a little awareness and thought helps me avoid getting sick or run down during this exciting time. I have some tips and tricks to help you stay happy & healthy during the Holiday season!

home workout

Move | Make some time for movement. If you know you will be having a few busier days, plan ahead and schedule a class or time for gym the day before. If you have more flexibility on the day of the party maybe start your day with an at home workout, a 20-minute online class or just doing what you enjoy can make a huge difference. Also, a class or a brief walk at lunch can help re-energize you for the day and night ahead.


Be Prepared | Buy & bring healthy food options. If you have a post work party, try to have a healthy snack a bit before so you don’t show up hungry. If you can bring something, be the one to bring a healthy option such as fresh fruit or veggies.


Go for Greens First | When you enter a holiday party, start by snacking on the natural fresh food first, such as veggies and fruit. Then let round 2 be those favorite items.


Stay hydrated | Make sure to have water. A great trick is to order a seltzer with lemon or lime, between beverages. Not only does it help you stay hydrated, it has a nice light taste and it looks the same as cocktail.


Jessica Faith Guyer has been a certified yoga instructor for over 7 years and a marketer for the past 4. She has always had a passion for wellness, as a teen she loved fitness classes and even wrote her college essay about how soybeans shifted her habits. She loves continuing to learn and has completed trainings in hip hop yoga, yin yoga, eight limbs of yoga, barre and recently a spirit junkie masterclass. She teaches public and private yoga classes in the greater Boston area. She wants to spread her joy and passion to help improve your life, making you a healthier, happier human :) | Photo credit: Studio RLR

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